Dublin Maker 2018

Dublin maker is a festival for all the makers, it was founded 8 years ago with a view to change Dublin socially. Their focus has always been on education and creativity with tech, coding, 3d printing along side clay, zine creation, spinning and crochet.

There was a huge cross section of the public that attended. Lots of people were interested in the mechanics of the spinning wheel, but once we got them into the seats they felt the feeling of yarn creation. It is always a pretty magnificent moment when that happens. We had several thousand children wanting ‘a go’ on the wheels and our lovely Guild Member Georgia obliged a few of the older kids.

We signed up a fellow fibre obsessive on the spot and he earned his keep that very moment by catching a stunningly talented ten year old girl how to spin on an ashford traveller in less than ten minutes! I have to say I think that we found a spinning prodigy that day.

Dublin maker has turned into one of the most enjoyable festivals we have attended as a Guild. We are always welcomed with such happiness and care, as well as tea and pastries for breakfast as well as a packed lunch!

A guild demonstrates on its stomach as they say!

Members from Limerick, West meath, Kildare and Dublin make the trip to merrion square from 9am -6 pm. We had between five to eight members popping by during the day to say hello and hop on the wheels for a spin, getting their spins in for tour de fleece while they were there.

We hope to head back there for Dublin Maker 2019.

I, for one, wouldn’t miss it for the world.


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