Project BAA BAA 2018

The guild had a fantastic day at Sheep 2018 in Athenry, Galway on the Teagasc Campus. We were set up in an airy large shed with lots of space for us to spread out with our wheels and weaving supplies. A number of members were invited to sell our wares to the public who came by. The showgowers varied from families with young children, to farmers wondering what on earth they could do with their wool, and to hard core spinners and knitters who had heard that the guild was going to attend through our social media channels.

There were plenty of new weavers and spinners by the end of the day and at lease one new member of the guild!

We were also surrounded by wonderful Irish wool Crafters including:

Johnny Sheils of Spinning Wheels

Johhny sheils wheels

Sally Shaw-Smith of the wonderful Hands program which most irish people remember – you can buy the dvds and her gorgeous book on her website

Master Weaver Eddie Doherty who dismantled his massive loom and moved it all the way downfrom kilcar, donegal to athenry –

As well as many more incredible Irish Wool Craft Businesses.

We were placed beside the shearer. It was really interesting to watch a master at work with his mossacin shoes for his and the sheeps comfort. There were several demonstrations throughout the day and some very warm sheep were lovely and comfortable at the end of the day. One or two guild members made out with bags of cheviot/suffolk beltex crosses. Yet another bonus of being part of the guild, Free fleece!

The guild was also invited to give a Yarn dyeing demonstration. Grace of Babbles Yarns demonstrated the technique of speckling, varigated dying and semi solid dyeing with three different hanks of yarn.

The guild would like to thank the organisers of Project BAA BAA for hosting us at such a well organised event. After we found the right place to park, the day was a breeze.

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