Meet The Committee – Diane

As the guild committee changed in April, I thought it might be nice to share an insight to the people that are working so hard behind the scenes for all of you. Once a month we are going to introduce one of us here on the blog. We are going to start with the current committee members and then highlight some of the past committee members that have worked so hard over the years. I thought that we could start with the current IGWSD Chair, Diane Murphy.

Diane M.

Diane has been a member since 2006 and has held the position of Guild Secretary from 2007 – 2009. She is passionate about hand spinning on a drop spindle which she finds very rewarding when she creates yarn. Diane is an active member of the Eastern Region group and can be seen hand spinning on a Tom Forrester drop spindle. Over the years, Diane has gained knowledge and understanding of the dyeing processes to create natural and organic to the wild and wacky KoolAid dyed handspun yarns.

Diane also teaches Spinning on a Drop Spindle workshops and  Diane as the knitworking genius behind  The Dublin Knit Collective and has helped bring together the craft community both at the K&S Show at the RDS and also with World Wide Knit In Public Day (WWKIP). Diane is also working hard this year with the rest of us to reach out and bring together the community of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers around Ireland.

Please come join us over on Facebook, Twitter and Ravelry and help make our community a little bigger.


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