Meet The Committee – Ailbhe

To continue on with our ‘Meet the Committee’ segment, today we are taking a closer look at our rental coordinator Ailbhe Cullen.

Ailbhe Cullen

Ailbhe is relatively new to the Guild, having first joined in 2015. Ailbhe is a long-time knitter, but in recent years has fallen for the spindle. After many YouTube tutorials and little progress, she came to the guild in order to find real people who could teach and guide her in her new obsession. She is now a regular attendee at the Eastern Region Meetings (or at least tries to be!), where she can be identified by her trusty Turkish spindle.

Over the past two years, Ailbhe has participated in a number of Guild demonstrations, sometimes amid the hustle and bustle of the Knitting and Stitching show, other times basking in the sun at Agri-Aware events in Dublin Zoo. She loves any chance to meet existing spinners, or to entice new people to the craft. This is her first year on the committee, where she is responsible for coordinating the rental scheme. The Guild has a spinning wheel, drum carder, and a table loom which are available to rent to all members. This is a great option if you want to try something new, to see if you enjoy it before investing in your own equipment. It’s also really handy for things that you might use less often (e.g. the drum carder). If you have any questions or would like to rent some equipment, you can find more details on this website, or contact Ailbhe directly at

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