Update from Enniscorthy 1798 Spinning Group

Thanks so much to Marilyn for this great update! If you want to get involved with this group, email marnie.spinster@live.ie. 

The 1798 Spinners from Enniscorthy have been out and about at the Golden Shears shearing competition and the Tinahely show.

We put together a wool tent on both occasions and had great fun chatting to the public. We met people from all over the world at the shearing competition and talked to lots of local people at Tinahely who all seemed very interested in us showing them the process of taking a fleece hot from the sheep’s back and changing it into a garment fit for a child to wear.

At Tinahely alot of interest was shown in the different types of spinning we demonstrated especially Peter Hoare with his great wheel.

One other event we attended to demonstrate spinning was the 1798 Rebellion reenactment in Enniscorthy. We met people who came from England to join in the fight as rebels and Redcoats and was interested to hear that each actor is given a story line that they tell to people. We met a ‘weaver’ from Scotland who being put out of work by the new spinning machines in England joined with others to go and smash the machines and was given the choice of transportation, hanging or becoming a soldier and so he became a Redcoat. We were interested to learn these stories and be part of the day.

Getting out and about demonstrating our craft can be such fun, we meet so many people and they all seem interested in what we do while thinking we might be slightly mad to go to all the effort it takes to make a ball of wool.

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  1. This is very interesting, well done to the members of this group, wish i lived closer to Enniscorthy!

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