Meet the Committee – Cathy

As part of our ‘Meet the Committee’ series, today we are taking a closer look at our Guild Secretary – Cathy McFadden.

Cathy is a self-taught spinner, dabbling dyer and novice weaver. Like many people, Cathy learned to knit as a child but it was when she was writing up her PhD that she decided to pick back up the fibre arts. From learning to crochet, she moved on to spindle spinning and wheel spinning.

She has a passion for the technical side of the crafts, particularly enjoying lace knitting. This led to her becoming Rental Coordinator for the Guild after offering to construct the new equipment. Cathy has served as guild secretary over the past few years, apart from taking a break to look after her new son. She’s the person that fields most of your queries to and the first point of contact for many. She also organises events, demonstrations and workshops, trying to raise awareness of the rich spinning, weaving and dying community in Ireland.

When not looking after an energetic toddler, Cathy blogs at Fibre Friends with her best friend Stew, and is trying to decide which wheel to buy for herself. In the meantime, she’ll be warming up the newest addition to the Guild Equipment Rental Scheme – a Louet Victoria. It’s a beautiful folding wheel, you can read Abby Franquemont’s review, and will be available for rental once she’s well tested.


Thank you so much, Cathy, for taking the time to come and meet us. Don’t forget that you can join us for a chat over in our Facebook Group here and you can find us on Ravelry here. I really hope you are all looking forward to the Tour de Fleece as it starts tomorrow!

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